On October 13, the Harrison Wildcats won two matches to claim the championship of the 2018 7th Grade SWOC Volleyball Tournament.  In the championship match, Harrison defeated Ross.  The Wildcats were the #1 seed in the tournament after posting a regular season SWOC record of 11-1.  Ross was the #2 seed in the tournament after posting a regular season SWOC record of 9-3.  Congratulations Harrison Wildcats!!!

On Saturday, October 13, the Ross Rams won three matches to claim the championship of the 2018 8th Grade SWOC Volleyball Tournament.  The Rams defeated Edgewood in the championship game.  During the regular season, Edgewood finished first with a SWOC record of 12-0 and Ross finished second with a SWOC record of 10-2.  Congratulations Ross Rams!!!

Assistant Athletic Director and Ross Middle School Dean of Students, Jason Rettinger, knows that character development represents a critical piece of success in Ross Local Schools.  With one foot in the world of Ross Middle School and the other foot in the world of Ross Athletics, Rettinger also knows that he’s in a prime position to affect great change in the Ross community.  The acronym R.A.M.S., which stands for Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, Service, marks the central foundation of Rettinger’s character development initiative that he previously implemented for several years at the helm of the Ross Baseball program.  When he  became the RMS Dean and RLS Assistant AD, it was only a matter of months before he found a way to broadcast this character message to the world.  Securing funding from several organizations, including Ross Baseball and Ross Athletics, Rettinger had the wall “wrapped” during the weeks leading up to the first day of school.

Congratulations to the Ross Girls Cross Country team on finishing 2nd at the Big Blue Challenge - that turned into the Big Mud Challenge.  Morgan Barnes led the way winning a 3rd place medal along with Cassie Gillum earning a 6th place medal.  Myah Boze, Bella Vanderbilt, and Erin MacDonald closed out the scoring for the team by finishing within 1 second of each other.  Alex Beckman (despite taking a tumble in the woods) won a 10th place medal.  Jared Archer and Bo McGraw finished in the top 20 out of 112 runners to move the Boys  team into 4th place.

Girls 2nd (46 pts) out of 5 teams (79 total runners)
Place First Last Time
3 Morgan Barnes 15:17
6 Cassidy Gillum 15:34
13 Myah Boze 16:51
14 Bella Vanderbilt 16:52
16 Erin MacDonald 16:53
22 Kimberly Ketchem 17:11
23 Natalee Fritz 17:15
27 Kylie Dearinger 17:27
30 Abigail Smith 17:36
31 Elizabeth Hopkins Theroux 17:46
40 Bella Zielinski 18:32
47 Maddie Casto 19:09
62 Maddie Graf 20:40
70 Ellie Finger 21:35
73 Brooke Rice 22:09
74 Ava Dunn 22:14
88 Grace Lee 25:38

Ross' Boys 4th Place (105 pts) out of 9 teams (112 total runners)
10 Alex Beckman 14:58
18 Jared Archer 15:52
19 Bo McGraw 16:01
29 Conner Norton 16:44
50 Caden Ward 18:24
67 Aiden Vanderbilt 19:36
69 Davis Geyer 19:41

The Cross Country teams had another strong showing last night at Eaton.  The boys were first overall out of nine teams while the girls were third overall.  Outstanding performers for the Lady Braves were Hannah Farnsworth, Annmarie Katto and Lilly Iden.  Eva Motta and Hannah Lippincott were the top scorers for the team.  Hannah was 2nd overall, losing a close race for the top spot.

For the guys team, Jack Moul, Parker Geshan, Devin Smith and Levi Tanner ran super races.  Dalton Howard completed his first race with an impressive time and Logan Murray smashed into the scoring 5 for the boys with a PR of over a minute.  The usual suspects of West-Poley, Bell, Groom,  Zazycki  and Hall littered the top 10 of the races.  The last regular season outing for the Braves is the SWOC League meet next weekend.

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